In Bank Deposits

Easy, Fast and Free!  Never miss a post time with In-Person Bank Deposits

You can now go to ANY full service branch of Bank of America and make a deposit into your wagering account with

Prior to your initial at-bank deposit, call customer service toll free and request at-bank deposit details, which will give you all of the information needed in order for you to make a deposit to your wagering account through the local Bank of America Bank Branch.

You will need to request an Out of State Deposit Slip from the B of A teller. Please circle California.

Please include your Name & Wagering Account number on the deposit slip.

Once you’ve made the deposit you can either call customer service, scan and email, or fax a copy of the deposit details. You will also be required to provide:

  1. Your name
  2. Wagering account #
  3. Amount of deposit
  4. Approximate time and date when the deposit was made
  5. Transaction # on the deposit receipt

We will need this information so your wagering account can be verified and credited.


  • CASH Deposits ONLY
  • Deposits processed via an ATM are subject to a 7 day holding
  • All deposits will be credited within 24 hrs of bank confirmation 
  • Withdrawals will not be available via this method


Do I have to be a Bank of America account holder in order to make a deposit? 

No, you do not. eBet Technologies (servicing Hollywood Races) is the account holder, all you need is our banking information which can be obtained by calling the business office.

Will I have to pay a fee? 

No fees will be incurred via this method.

Are there limits on deposits? 

No limits, but we will follow federal laws regarding money laundering.

Customer Service           

(800) 822-2004 for PA Residents        
(866) 946-5463 for MA Residents
(888) 889-281 for Residents of All Other States

Fax: (503) 253-0140