In Bank Deposits

Easy, Fast and Free!  Never miss a post time with In-Person Bank Deposits

You can now go to ANY full service branch of Wells Fargo and make a deposit into your wagering account with

Prior to your initial at-bank deposit, call customer service toll free and request at-bank deposit details, which will give you all of the information needed in order for you to make a deposit to your wagering account through the local Wells Fargo Bank Branch.

You will need to request an Out of State Deposit Slip from the teller. Please circle California.

Please include your Name & Wagering Account number on the deposit slip.

Once you’ve made the deposit you can either call customer service, scan and email, or fax a copy of the deposit details. You will also be required to provide:

  1. Your name
  2. Wagering account #
  3. Amount of deposit
  4. Approximate time and date when the deposit was made
  5. Transaction # on the deposit receipt

We will need this information so your wagering account can be verified and credited.


  • CASH Deposits ONLY
  • Deposits processed via an ATM are subject to a 7 day holding
  • All deposits will be credited within 24 hrs of bank confirmation
  • Saturday deposits require proof of receipt due to the bank not posting credits until Monday - Otherwise deposits on Saturday will wait until Monday for credit 
  • Withdrawals will not be available via this method


Do I have to be a Wells Fargo account holder in order to make a deposit? 

No, you do not. eBet Technologies (servicing Hollywood Races) is the account holder, all you need is our banking information which can be obtained by calling the business office.

Will I have to pay a fee? 

No fees will be incurred via this method.

Are there limits on deposits? 

No limits, but we will follow federal laws regarding money laundering.

Customer Service