Meadows Picks

By Jeff Zidek

Posted: November 23, 5:12 PM

November 24 2020

12:06 PM

RACE 1:  3-2-6-8 


RACE 2:  6-2-5-7 

RACE 3:  7-5-3-8 


RACE 4:  1-2-5-9 


RACE 5:  9-5-8-7 


RACE 6:  8-2-9-3 


RACE 7:  2-10-3-7 


RACE 8:  4-5-6-7 


RACE 9:  3-1-6-2 


RACE 10:  3-5-2-8 


RACE 11:  4-6-3-2 


RACE 12:  4-3-1-6 


RACE 13:  6-4-11-10-3…Estimated $250,000 pool in the Super Hi5 with a mandatory payout.  Race should be a challenge to handicap.  Three trailers in the race, and all three are very solid horses in this class.  Traffic will be the key.  The 6 should have an unobstructed path to the lead early and if he gets easy enough fractions, he can win.  The 11 may be the best horse in the race, but he’s a frontrunner that will have an extremely difficult time getting his usual trip, so he’s going to have to race from behind which did not work for him last week.  The 4 also makes the race tricky to handicap, as he’s changing classes this week from conditioned claimers and straight non-winners company.  I left both the 7 and 8 off my numbers because of post, but both were very good last week.