Refer-A-Friend FAQ

Hollywood Races Refer-A-Friend Program FAQ Page

Q: What is the Refer-A-Friend program and can everyone take part?

A: This is a new Hollywood Races program that gives current active and in good standing account holders the opportunity to earn an even bigger bonus. Account holders can earn $50 per each friend or family they refer to us. A maximum of 10 referrals per account holder and a maximum of $500 in wagering credits.

Q: How do I go about referring a friend?

A: The process is fairly simple, you will be given a unique referral code (your wagering account ID number) that is only for you. This code can then be shared with your friends and family through email, text message or Facebook there's no limitation.. Then from there it is your friend or family’s turn to then complete the requirements given in order for you to earn the $50 bonus for referring them.

Q: What are the requirements that my friends or family must complete in order for me to get credited?

A: Your friends must complete the registration process with us. They will then need to wager $500 (no win/place/show wagers) within the first 30 days of registering with us. Once those requirements are completed your account will be credited within 7 business days of completion.


B: Excluded wagers include ( Win/Place/Show, Win/Place, Place/Show, Win, Place and Show)

Q: Which of my friends or family are eligible?

A: Your friends or family must be a legal U.S resident aged 18 and over or 21 and over depending on the regulations of the residing state and where Hollywood Races is available. Friends and family members must also not live within the same household or share the same IP Address as the current Hollywood Races account holder. They must also be new to the Hollywood Races affiliations and have never had an account before. If you are referring to a friend who wagers at our tracks but do not have a Hollywood Races account they will qualify.

Q: Can the friend or family I refer take part in the available sign-up offer?

A: Yes, Hollywood Races has sign-up bonuses available all year round. They will be able to input the sign-up bonus code as well which will allow them to earn a bonus as well. Our sign-up offers vary from $50 match to $200 match. 

Q: What if my friend signs up with a different email address than the one I used for sending my referral code?

A: No worries, your unique referral code is the only thing that needs to be correct in order for all of this to work. 

Q: How long will the Refer-A-Friend program be running?

A: As of now, this is a fairly new program that will be running until December 31, 2021.


Review the below image to see where your friend will need to put your wagering Account ID number.